Friday, August 07, 2009


Hey eveybody!
If you're wondering why there are no new posts lately - it's because I'm on a vacation :)
My State Exam was on 12 July, and seems like my writings on Jack London and Naturalism impressed somebody there, I guess I managed with the translations as well, cuz a week later I got a mail from my friend Ceko. He brought me the good news - I've got 6 (the Bulgarian equivalent of A)!

And I wasn't around to check the results myself, cuz right after the exam I started packing, and on 13th I got up at 5am, got on the train to Sofia, and from there on the bus to Poland (and a bonus stop at Prague - it was great to visit it again, even just for a while!)

I'm still out there, enjoying myself and having a great time :)
The net here's a bit slow, so I cant upload tons of photos right now, but if you want to see some - check me out on Facebook

See ya!!