Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tomorrow's the big day...

Tomorrow morning I'm going to be on the bus for Plovdiv Airport where the movie is being shot. Now I know more details - it's no sci-fi and so far there's no official indo about John Malkovich and Omar Sharif, but I personally saw John Cusack. I had no chance to speak with him in Monday when we were called to try the uniforms, but I hope that I'll manage to exchange a few words with him before the end of the shooting. The movie is called "Brand Hauser", and Cusack is also a producer and co-writer.

Here's some info in Wikipedia:

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This is post #100 on my blog... I keep it up since Jan`06
I think not many people read it, but anyway I'm kind of proud with my Holocron :)

So... What's new?
Two weeks ago I went to a casting for extras. They said it's an american production, sci-fi as far as I know, and John Cuasack, John Malkovich and Omar Sharif are in it. Wow! O_O
Two days ago I'm in the Uni, waitig for a lecture to begin and I talk with a friend of mine, Andrey. And I remember the casting, cause we went together, and ask him:
"Uh, and did they call you?"
"Really really???"
"Really really!"
"You're kiddin me!"
"They called you?"
"About two hours ago"
"Damn! And why they did't call ME?"
"I dunno..."
"Damn! And when I come to think of it, I told you about the casting and I took you there with me! Aargh! ... Now I'll be your agend and I'll collect 50% of your incomes!"
But at some time I check my cell and... "Missed call"
Hey! I had turned off the sound, cause we were going to have a lecture! Let's see who called me... Unknown number.
"Dude... What number they used when they called you? THIS one?"
"Uhh, yeah, looks like it... Let me check... Yes, the same"
"YEAH!!! So they DID CALLED!"
And I call them, then they call me and
"Nenko, you're chosen to be a soldier in the movie, we need your ID number to issue you a pass for the filming site..."
YEAH!!! And tomorro I'm going to try on the costumes, I guess they'll give me some military uniform... I'm gonna be in a MOVIE :))) Feels so good!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Bran Art

If you haven't checked in a while then it's tie to do so! 12 new concept art drawings are now up! Hopefully more to come soon. And here's a sneak peek:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quotes #13

"I'm Duke Nukem. And I'm coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!

Nobody steals our chicks... and lives!"
Duke Nukem

Games #5

Today I'm going to present you a cult classic from "Blizzard". Yup, they certainly have delivered some of the most successful games in the history. But I've never been a StarCraft/WarCraft fan, neither single nor multiplayer. So let's go back to 1992, when

"The Lost Vikings"

came out. Now, that's a game I cam play anytime! The story begins with a short presentation of our heroes - three courageous vikings are hunting in the snow covered woods near their village. Each one of them has unique skills - Erik The Swift can run faster than the other two, can jump, and can bash through some walls (and even some enemies) with his helmet; Baleog The Fierce can kill enemies with his sword, or from a distance with his bow (and infinite supply of arrows). The bow can also be used to hit switches from a distance; Olaf The Swift can block enemies and their projectiles with his shield, use his shield as a hang glider, or as a stepping stone for Erik to enable him to reach high grounds which is not possible without the shield. They get back from the hunt, go their houses and their families, night falls... and a huge alien spaceship emerges above their home village!!! Soon the three friends find themselves kidnaped by the intergalactic evil-doer Tomator, who intends to put them behind bars in his zoo! Well, our guys don't give up so easy and your work in the first levels is to help them get free. Finally they manage to escape through some kind of a warp, which happens to be not just an ordinary warp, but a time warp... and here we are, our vikings are lost in time! And chased by aliens. Various worlds with great level designs (prehistoric, ancient Egypt, and so on), through each one of the levels you have the funny dialogue between the characters and the groovy background music to keep you entertained even when you think what to do. Because there's alot of thinking! Usually there is only one possible way to reach the end of the level (and get the password, cause back then we had no save game) and in order to succeed you had to combine the vikings' skills in various ways, swich between them in the right moment...

Some years later there was "The Lost Vikings II", developed by Interplay. There were some new characters - a dragon ad a werevolf, who helped from time to time. And the vikigs got some cybernetic boosters (hehe, Baleog even got a lightsaber!). But all in all the concept of the game remained the same.

Throughout the years the games have been released for PC and various consoles, and in 2003 a GBA version came out. So in case you wanna try 'em out - just search around the net, they are easy to find for DOS and like roms with different emulators.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Web #12

Now get ready for some smashing fun! A couple of brilliant guys, AMDS Films they are called, are responsible for some of the coolest fan films I've ever watched! They take pieces from different movies, edit them together like trailers or episodes, add different filters and effects and the result is amazing. They look really pro, and done with great imagination.
I just watched the first episode of "RoboCop vs Terminator" yesterday and I just couldn't close my mouth after this video, I was like O_O "Waaaaa!"

You don't believe me? Just watch!

visit their blog:
and check out their videos at YouTube: