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Vehicle 19 - review

I gave it 10 out of 10 on IMDb, not because it's the most amazing film out there, but because I feel it's a shame it has a rating below 5, and I'd like to boost it as much as possible! The trailer says it all, what you see is what you get, plus some unexpected turns, which I will save you (no spoilers here!). This is your average "framed & chased by corrupt policemen guy in a car... in another country".

This is a solid entertainment, a highly watchable and quite tense action thriller, which is smart enough to keep it short and simple. Both me and my wife enjoyed it quite a bit.

The film is quite short - less than 80 minutes if you don't count the credits - and I think it's a good thing, because it's light and it's over way before it manages to get boring. I'm sick and tired of overdecorated and pompous action smash hits with tons of CGI, where everything is predictable and lacks any individuality.

Nothing here is over the top or out of place. The main character is far from a saint and still by the end he gets really likable and people cheer for him. The African setting is refreshing. It adds to the odds against Paul Walker, and helps the foreign audience to identify with him - just like the guy we feel lost and kinda desperate.

To me it felt like an EuropaCorp flick - you know, the Besson-produced type of action. So if you like movies like the Transporter, Taken, B-13, etc. then I highly recommend this one!

There are a few things I could criticize. The African rap for example makes my ears bleed, but I admit it was well used to create atmosphere. In some scenes the character "explains" what happens, because it is not shown well (which is a kind of a cinematic failure) - like when two kids steal from him, I didn't get what exactly they took and there was a line like "They stole my glasses." - just a calm statement to make it clear for you. And they could actually add a minute in the end to show us the character AFTER all that happened, instead you get a voice-over of a news report, which explains you where he is and what happened with him, and then the credits roll. We could at least hear Paul Walker's voice... but it was like "OK, no time to shoot another scene, it's a wrap guys, we'll figure something out for the ending later." Here I felt like there's something missing to make the final scene really satisfying, but it doesn't mean you feel letdown or cheated in the end.

And to wrap it up myself - It's a simple entertainment and it's simply entertaining. Wish there were more movies like that coming out - engaging, fast-paced and short (or at least not too long!).

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Продават се следните комикси:

Книгите се намират в Пловдив. Доставката става лично или с Еконт.

- “Batman: Year One”, TPB на Titan Books, първо издание 1988, събира всички 4 броя на култовия комикс по сценарии на Франк Милър
20 лева
Състояние: много запазена$(KGrHqNHJEoFBmqPesbuBQkDD92ZyQ~~60_35.JPG
 - “Batman: Year Two”, TPB на Titan Books, първо издание от 1990, събира Detective Comics #575-578 – всички части на историята “Year Two”. С рисунки отчасти на Тод Макфарлейн
20 лева
Състояние: много запазена
ПАКЕТНА ЦЕНА за Year One и Year Two – 35 лева
- Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, TPB на Titan Books, първо издание от 1986, събира всички части на култовия комикс на Франк Милър, по който съвсем наскоро излезе анимационен филм
20 лева
Състояние: много запазена – съвсем леки следи в ъглите на кориците
ПАКЕТНА ЦЕНА за Year One, Year Two и The Dark Knight Returns – 50 лева
- “Batman: A Death in the Family” – TPB на Titan Books, първо издание 1989, събира Batman #426-429 – всички 4 части на популярната история за смъртта на Робин.
13 лева
Състояние: добро – леко износване по кориците
- Batman: Man-Bat #1-3 – всички три броя на Elseworlds историята, prestige format книги с картонени корици, първи издания на DC Comics от 1995, с рисунки от John Bolton
12 лева за трите книжки
Състояние: запазени – леки следи по кориците и драскотина на корицата на брой 1
- “Batman: DOA” – prestige format графичен роман, DC Comics,1999,  сценарии и рисунки – Bob Hall
10 лева
Състояние: много запазен, лека следа в горния ляв ъгъл на предната корица
- “Batman: Master of the Future” – prestige format Elseworlds графичен роман, DC Comics, 1991 – стиймпънк вариант на Готам Сити
10 лева
Състояние: много запазен, леки следи по кориците
- “Batman Begins: The Official Movie Guide” – DK, 2005, книгата съдържа снимки, информация за създаването и откъси от сценария на “Batman Begins
13 лв
Състояние: добро – леко износване по кориците
- Fantastic Four: The Trial of GalactusTPB на Marvel, първо издание от 1989, събира Fantastic Four #242-244, #257-262, сценарии и рисунки – John Byrne
15 лева
Състояние: запазена – следи по ъглите на кориците, леки следи в горния ъгъл на някои страници
- The Fantastic Four vs The X-MenTPB на Marvel, събира всички 4 броя на мини-поредицата от 1987, първо издание 1990
13 лева
Състояние: запазена – леко прегъване на първите страници и корицата в горния десен ъгъл
- Daredevil Visionaries (Marvels Finest) – TPB на Marvel, събира Daredevil vol.2, 1-8, 1998/1999, първо издание на книгата от 1999, по сценарии на Кевин Смит с рисунки на Joe Quesada
15 лева
Състояние: запазена – лека повреда в края на задната корица
- Super-Villain Team-Up: Modok's 11 - TPB на Marvel което събира 5-те броя на поредицата. Съдържа кориците както и консепт арт.

13 лева
Състояние: чисто нова.
Инфо за поредицата тук:
 - Death's Head: Unnatural Selection - TPB на Marvel, събиращо историята публикувана в броеве 16-20 на Amazing Fantasy, 1st appearance на Death's Head 3.0

13 лева.

Състояние: чисто нова

Повече инфо тук:
- Sub-Mariner: Revolution TPB - съдържа първите 6 броя на новата поредица от 2008

13 лева
Състояние: чисто нова

Повече инфо тук:
- THE VISION: Yesterday and Tomorrow (TPB)
Съдържа 5 броя (Avenfers Icons: The Vision #1-4, Avengers #57), и арт на легендата John Buscema!

13 лева

Състояние: чисто нова

Инфо за книгата тук:

- "Vergessene Reiche - Die Saga Vom Dunkelelf: Heimatland", книга първа от поредица, развиваща се в "Dungeons and Dragons" вселената, сценарий на Р.А. Салваторе. НА НЕМСКИ!!

Цена 10 лв

Състояние: чисто нова
-          манга адаптацията на "Междузвездни Войни - Епизод 6: Завръщането на Джедаите". Издание на Дарк Хорс комикс, художника е Шин-Ичи Хиромото. Пълна поредица, 4 тома, всеки по 15 лева. Но не знам дали бих ги продал отделно... Предпочитам да са заедно, където и да отидат.
Цена: 60 лв

Състояние: томове 1 и 2 – чисто нови, томове 3 и 4 – много запазени
Продавам голямо количество единични броеве на различни поредици, основно Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk и Avengers на Марвел. Всичките комикси са запазени, като изключим тези, на които съм отбелязал забележките. Пълен списък:

-          The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin – брой 1 от 5, Wildstorm
-          The Authority: More Kev – брой 1 от 4, Wildstorm, 2004
-          Thanos – броеве 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, Marvel, 2004
-          Avengers vol.3, брой 5, 1998
-          Solo Avengers (starring Hawkeye) vol.1, брой 19, 1989
-          Marvel Triple Action, vol.1, брой 21, 1974
-          Avengers: West Coast, vol.2, брой 47, 1989
-          The Avengers, vol.1, брой 338, 1991
-          The Avengers vol.1, брой 178, 1978
-          The Avengers vol.1, брой 203, 1981
-          The Avengers vol.1, брой 218, 1982
-          Avengers Forever, vol.1, брой 12, 2000
-          Avengers, vol.3, брой 11, 1998 – корицата е почти отделена от комикса
-          Avengers, vol.3, брой 43, 2001
-          Avengers, vol.3, брой 45, 2001
-           Avengers, vol.3, брой 46, 2001
-           Avengers, vol.3, брой 47, 2001
-           Avengers, vol.3, брой 49, 2002
-           Avengers, vol.3, брой 54, 2002
-          Avengers, vol.3, брой 56, 2002
-          Hulk: Gray брой 5, 2004
-          Startling Stories: Banner, vol.1, #3, 2001
-          Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #55, 2003
-          Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #60, 2003
-          Incredible Hulk, #70, 2004
-          Incredible Hulk, #72, 2004
-          Hulk: Nightmerica, vol.1, #1, 2003
-          Hulk: Nightmerica, vol.1, #4, 2003
-          Hulk: Nightmerica, vol.1, #5, 2003
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #148, 1972
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #386, 1991
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #392, 1992
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #397, 1992
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #399, 1992
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #419, 1994
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #422, 1994
-          The Incredible Hulk, vol.1, #449, 1997
-          Fantastic Four Annual, vol.1, #20, 1987
-          Fantastic Four Annual, vol.1, #23, 1990
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #251, 1983
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #264, 1984
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #273, 1984
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #315, 1988
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #383, 1993 – корицата е наполовина отделена
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #386, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #387, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #388, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #389, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #390, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #391, 1994
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #392, 1994 – предната и задната корица са отделени от себе си и от комикса
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #401, 1995
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #403, 1995
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #404, 1995
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #413, 1996
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #415, 1996
-          Fantastic Four, vol.1, #416, 1996 – без корица
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #2, 1996
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #4, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #5, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #7, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #9, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #10, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.2, #13, 1997
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #5, 1998
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #11, 1998 (печатна грешка, вътре пише, че е vol.2, но е vol.3)
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #16, 1999 – без корица
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #17, 1999
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #19, 1999
-          Fantastic Four, vol.3, #28, 2000
И три броя на Спайдър-Мен (класическия) - 532 (на този му липсва корицата), 534 и 535 - на гръцки са.
Цена: 2 лв на брой или 85 лв за всички

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Джордж Лукас дарява 4-те милиарда долара от продажбата на Star Wars за образование!

Преди няколко дни излезе разтърсващата новина за продажбата на Лукасфилм. Компанията Дисни закупи от Джордж Лукас цялата му компания със все правата върху знаменитите поредици "Междузвездни Войни" и "Индиана Джоунс" за над 4 милиарда долара. Къде ще от
идат тези пари? Ето продължението на историята!
Поклон пред този голям човек и нека Силата бъде с него!
И... чакаме новия Епизод VII през 2015!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Traveling Daru

Daru, a cherished handmade stuffed toy, gets lost and separated from its owner one day when at the airport. Determined to find her again, Daru sets out on a journey around the world in search of her. As time passes, the girl begins to forget about Daru. Will Daru be able to find and see his beloved owner again?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TMNT 2012 Opening Sequence


Here we Go! It's the lean green ninja team
On the scene, cool teens doing ninja things
So extreme, up the sewers like a laser beam
get rocked with the shell shock pizza kings
Can't stop these radical dudes
The secret of the ooze, make a chosen few
emerge from the shadows to make their move
The good guys win and the bad guys loose

Leonardo is the leader in blue, does anything it takes to get his ninjas through
Donatello is the fellow, has the way with machines
Raphael has the most attitude on the team
Michealangelo he is one of a kind, and you know where to find him when it's party time
Master Splinter taught them every single skill that they need
to be one mean, lean, green incredible team

Out Of Sight

This is a graduation Production made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

The main character of little girl in the story confronts a robbery and strays from the road she is familiar with. After passing a hedge, she enters an unknown world and unfolds a magical adventure depending on senses other than vision and her imagination. With soft and cute colors as the main key, we used simple designs to depict the little girls' imaginary world.

Visit the Official Website:

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R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury (August 22, 1920 — June 5, 2012)

"Somewhere in America, a boy tap-dances a on a tuned segment of discarded wooden sidewalk, calling his friends to run over the hills by moonlight...
Out on the Veldt, the animals pause for a moment, as though something unseen had passed through their midst...
Somewhere on Mars, a new silver fire is burning to welcome him...
By the river, a Book stops it's recitation for the day, to remember a fine man who wrote such fine, fine things.
Thanks be, for Ray Bradbury, who taught me that there could be poetry in prose."
-Kip Russell

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

R2-D2 cameo in Space Adventure Cobra!

Many have compared the protagonist anti-hero of Space Adventure Cobra to Han Solo. There's a baddie who kinda looks like Darth Vader. But if you are still not convinced in the inspiration behind the famous 80s sci-fi anime series, then check out this screenshot! R2-D2 has a cameo!

In Search Of Moebius

An insightful documentary about the life and art of the deceased Moebius

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Saturday, March 10, 2012

R.I.P. Moebius

RIP Jean Giraud "Moebius" (08.051938 - 10.03.2012)
- the one who brought worlds to life cannot die.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My brother Zdravko's Batman collection holds a Guinness World Record!!!

My brother Zdravko now officially holds a Guinness World Record for his Batman collection!!!

Dear Zdravko Genov,

Just to let you know that you are the current record holder and a certificate will be sent to you shortly to celebrate your achievement:

'The largest collection of Batman memorabilia belongs to Zdravko Genov (Bulgaria) and consists of 1,160 different items as of 10 December 2011.'

Yours sincerely,

Anna Orford

Guinness World Records


Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 3 movies about favourite writers from my childhood

Miss Potter - the first class cast (Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor) just shines in this heartwarming journey through the life of a visionary author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. Delightful animated segments bring to life Peter Rabbit and the rest of her beloved characters.

Finding Neverland - a touching story about how Peter Pan came to be. Johnny Depp delivers a poweful performance as Sir James Matthew Barrie and gets an Academy Award nomination for best actor... along with 5 other nominations for the film, from which the Polish composer Jan Andrzej Paweł Kaczmarek gets the Oscar for best score.

A Bear Named Winnie is probably the most unpopular from all tree, and as you can guess from the title it recreates the story behind A. A. Milne's inspiration for "Winnie the Pooh". It is a great TV movie and if you are fortunate enough to catch it you'll probably agree that it is worth its possition in this Top 3 along with the two major productions.

I strongly recommend that you spare the time and watch it (the full available on YouTube)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 5 documentaries of the last year

This is my personal top 5 of the documentaries I've seen for the last year.
For some reason Trek Nation is not out yet, but I've still included it here, and King of Kong is a few years older, but I just discovered it recently, so it's here as well!

Here we go!

Bébé(s) (2010)

Superheroes (2011)

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics (2010)

And one that is not out yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to see it!

Trek Nation