Saturday, June 17, 2006

First steps

As you've probably noticed I don't post much about my everyday life and stuff. That's becasuse most of the time it's just a routine and there's nothing really important. But today there is!

Today I got my very first real income in my film career! No kiddin'! Some days ago, Orlin, a dear friend of mine and a co-autor of the script I'm working on told me that a publishing house in London was interested in our story. So Amber Books Ltd. London paid us 40 punds for the right to read the script as soon it is copyrighted. This means that as soon as we register our script we'll send them a copy to read. The script is nearly ready, there are just a few edits and clean-ups to be done. The story is complete, all the scenes are there, we just need to check for technical errors and add some information in the scene descriptions and headings - like DAY/NIGHT, interior/exterior and such.

So keep an eye on the blog and be ready for THE SCRIP!!!

Today I went to the bank to get the money, 28.10 euro. The first 5 euro I will never spend, I'll keep them for luck and as a memory from my first steps :)

The rest of the money I changed in leva, then I got my scholarship for this month and went to some book shops. I got Star Wars TALES TPB volumes 3,4 and 6 and also the new DVD edition of "Iron Giant". Yeah, I feel so great! So so great! :)

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