Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hey, hey! Wha'd'ya know! We launch the official web-site!

So now you can download and read a preview of our script (the first 18 of 122 pages), read the synopsis of the story, view the gallery with the few concept art drawings and wallpapers, visit our forum, contact us and take part in our Concept Art Contest :)

The one who knows the future has the power to change it
The battle for the Future begins today
A BRAN new hero

In the future the all-powerful Corporation hides a dark secret behind its facade and now the only one who has the chance to set things right is trapped back in our time, separated from his son... and maybe reunited with his long lost love.

It is the year 2270. Spaceship pilot Daniel Scott works for an almighty business establishment known as the Corporation. His job – to discover new worlds. Worlds with no life, but rich of natural resources and energy. After his last mission Daniel is infected with unknown alien virus. He must be frozen for several years until a cure is discovered. Daniel leaves his crippled son Harry and his brother Michael, who also works for the corporation as a highly trained security officer.
Daniel boards a medical freighter which will transport him to a corporate clinic on a distant planet, but during the flight the freighter encounters a hostile alien spaceship. After dazzling series of events the freighter is blasted and Daniel finds himself more than two centuries back in time with Klyona – an alien princess, who looks exactly as his dead wife. With her help Daniel discovers a dark secret about the true nature of the Corporation, responsible for the destruction of her world. Trapped in our time Daniel and Klyona see their new situation as a chance to erase every possibility that could lead to the birth of the Corporation in the future. With the help of his advanced technology from the future and his new friend Matthew – a young comic book artist (and teenage slacker), Daniel turns into a masked hero. He becomes an urban legend, a street myth and his friend starts a comic book series describing his adventures. Daniel still hopes he will find a way to return to his time and reunite with his son.
In the future everyone thinks Daniel has perished in the explosion of the medical freighter. Michael wants to take the case of his brother's death. An enigmatic one-eyed man, highly ranked corporate employee directs him towards the Resistance – a rumoured underground society. Michael discovers an extraordinary link between reality and old comic book series, which leads to them. Without knowing that the Resistance are not terrorists who work for the aliens, but the only people who know what lies behind the Corporation's facade, Michael is determined to bring down their organization.
Harry is visited by a mysterious old man, who helps him to find out the truth about his father's destiny. Maybe someday it will be up to the boy to take on Daniel's legacy and to continue his fight.

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