Sunday, October 22, 2006


This is post #100 on my blog... I keep it up since Jan`06
I think not many people read it, but anyway I'm kind of proud with my Holocron :)

So... What's new?
Two weeks ago I went to a casting for extras. They said it's an american production, sci-fi as far as I know, and John Cuasack, John Malkovich and Omar Sharif are in it. Wow! O_O
Two days ago I'm in the Uni, waitig for a lecture to begin and I talk with a friend of mine, Andrey. And I remember the casting, cause we went together, and ask him:
"Uh, and did they call you?"
"Really really???"
"Really really!"
"You're kiddin me!"
"They called you?"
"About two hours ago"
"Damn! And why they did't call ME?"
"I dunno..."
"Damn! And when I come to think of it, I told you about the casting and I took you there with me! Aargh! ... Now I'll be your agend and I'll collect 50% of your incomes!"
But at some time I check my cell and... "Missed call"
Hey! I had turned off the sound, cause we were going to have a lecture! Let's see who called me... Unknown number.
"Dude... What number they used when they called you? THIS one?"
"Uhh, yeah, looks like it... Let me check... Yes, the same"
"YEAH!!! So they DID CALLED!"
And I call them, then they call me and
"Nenko, you're chosen to be a soldier in the movie, we need your ID number to issue you a pass for the filming site..."
YEAH!!! And tomorro I'm going to try on the costumes, I guess they'll give me some military uniform... I'm gonna be in a MOVIE :))) Feels so good!

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