Sunday, May 20, 2007

About "StarCom: The U.S. Space Force", the greatest guy on YouTube and some memories...

Long live Salometoy!

He has upped the complete 13 episodes of StarCom!!! One of my all-time favorites, this is an amazing show with great animation and magnificent stories, one of the masterpieces of the 80s cartoon shows. I spent whole day downloading the videos from YouTube as FLV files and re-encoding them to AVI files so I can watch them on my DVD player :) Since now I had only the first 3 episodes, which were released on DVD (under the title StarCom: The Search for Aliens)
and 6 episodes I've got since forever on a VHS with great Bulgarian dub, captured from Bulgarian National Television more than 10 years ago. Me and my cousin used to watch this tape every single time we were together at my place in Plovdiv :) Those were the days!

And I still look like Crowbar, only that he's blond :) But we have the same haircut style, including the tail ;)

And like this is not enough, he's got stuff like Extreme Dinosaurs, Skysurfer Strike Force and The Cowboys of Moo Mesa!

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