Thursday, October 21, 2010

May the Chuck Norris be with You!

Чък Норис играе във всички епизоди на "Междузвездни Войни"*... в ролята на Силата!

*Оригиналното заглавие на Star Wars е "Skywalker: Texas Ranger"


someguy said...

Hi. Sorry for posting this here, but you don't sign on to youtube much anymore it seems.

I found your Power Rangers video:

I wanted to ask, is it possible you can take a picture of the cartridge? I ask because I get a feeling what you have isn't a prototype, put rather a pirated port of the game made unofficially. The game has similarities to other pirated fighting games on Genesis.

I'm very curious if I'm correct or not, so a pic would help greatly. I'm not looking to buy it off of you, just curious is all.

Thanks :)

Zdravko Genov (Gotham Knight) said...

That was actually my video, but I posted it via my brother's account. Contact me at: and I'll send you pics and info.