Monday, December 06, 2010

B.R.A.N. is active at Amazon Studios

To all of you out there who happen to know about our B.R.A.N. project - probably you're wondering what's going on with it. We are happy to announce that there is something going on with it and if things work out fine this time you might get the story released... but by who and in what for for now I dare not say :) Just keep your fingers crossed for us! Thanks :)

With the start of the new Amazon Studios we also decided to join there, so you can read the script or details about it, check out some early concept art, reviwe, rate and give your opinion, ideas and suggestions! Any feedback is more than welcome and highly appreciated!

Click here to visit our B.R.A.N. page at Amazon Studios

And to those of you who don't know about it...


In the future the all-powerful Corporation hides a dark secret behind its facade and now the only one who has the chance to set things right is trapped back in our time, separated from his son... and maybe reunited with his long lost love.

Find out more at the link above :)

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