Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles - Asylum vs Columbia Pictures


OK - we all know what Asylum is all about. Some time before the
Hollywood releases a major blockbuster they release (straight to DVD or
TV) their so called "mockbusters". Transformers goes TransMorphers,
Death Race goes Death RacerS, 10 000 BC goes 10 000 000 BC, Lost + King
Kong = King of the Lost World, etc.

But I'd like to underline - even if the titles, the topics and the
posters and cover designs of the Asylum films are an undeniable rip-off
of major Hollywood hits, the movies themselves are quite often original
and far from the storyline of the imitated movie. Close your eyes for
the rip-off factor and you get a decent TV-feature or an entertaining

None of their movies is brilliant. They are far from masterpieces. But
just plain hate is wrong. You have to appreciate them for what they
are, not take them too seriously and if your expectations are not over
the roof you might find yourself enjoying Asylum's titles.

So far I liked their Sherlock Holmes the best - it was a fresh take and it
had some quite cool ideas, even if the low budget and production value
take away from the movie.

In the case of "Battle of Los Angeles" I would say that Asylum did way
better than the original! Call me crazy, but I enjoyed their B-movie
galore on SyFy channel far more than the misunderstanding called
"Battle: Los Angeles".

The blockbuster is nothing but a flat storyline with cardboard
characters, mixed with shaky camera, random shooting and average CGI.
If there is something to be appreciated there it is the designs of the
alien ships. But come on, "Independence Day" did way better and it did
it 15 years ago! "Battle of Los Angeles" on the other hand manages to
entertain quite a bit, despite the obviously low budget of the
production and weak acting. The resources are used well, the movie
doesn't take itself too seriously, and makes the most of what it has.
There are some neat touches like a chick with a katana slicing flying
robots, classic B-movie flying saucer invasion, post-apocalyptic sets,
pilot in a WWII plane who came from another time, giant alien creature
with tentacles and teeth, Dr. Who's daleks homage, the katana chick gets an eye-patch... Come
on, it's COOL!!! And it doesn't scream "I am an awesome movie, let me
rob you of your 10 bucks and 2 hours, so you can enjoy my awesomeness
on big screen!"

In this Battle... Asylum wins for me!

Give it a try, it's very watchable :)

Take a look at the katana chick in action!


Anonymous said...

I do believe that Battle: LA was also supposed to be a cheesy "HOORAH" guts and glory movie.

taco cheesy land burrito said...

good to see Kel in a movie for a change