Thursday, August 03, 2006

Long time, no see...

It's been two weeks since my last post. That's kind of long, don't you think? Well... I was in the country for some time, helping my grandparents with the work and having my deserved rest from all the computers and communications. No refreshing e-mails and forums, just REFRESHING!
Then I was again on the move, working on our script, "Bran" - keeping in touch with artists, mailing people and searching for opportunities.

I had one great unforgettable unique day last Saturday, when I went to Sofia to meet Vesela Kazakova. She's truly amazing! We both had a great time and talked all day long about our projects and ideas. She liked the "Bran" idea a lot and encouraged me so much!

Today I just got back from another trip, I spent some time in Pavel Banja with some international guests - family friends from Poland and Germany.
And now, as soon as I'm back to my PC - work again! I updated with some news and concept art drawings. We announced the prizes for our concept art competition.
This friday I'm going to Sofia again, this time to meet Orlin who will be in Bulgaria for a couple of days. And maybe we'll manage to meet also Petar, the June winner in the concept art contest.

And my exams are closing in... I'll have to prepare my papers and apply and then in September - wish me luck and keep your finegrs crossed!
It's going to be a busy month, August...

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