Sunday, August 13, 2006


Abandoned buildings, machines left behind and long forgotten, visions of sorrow, sad memories... Memento mori. "Rust" is a video clip I made editing some of my photos together, the music in the background is New Order - "Elegia".

The picture hunting was quite an adventure. Searching, looking, running, climbing, trespassing... I was chased by dogs, not to mention all the weird questions some people asked me (yeah, one guy even took me for a spy, lol!).

Most of the pictures are taken in Plovdiv, but there are some taken in Banja (a small town near Karlovo). Those from the beginning - with the tracktors are from Banja. I was there with my cousin and my little brother and we had a great time.

The editing was a real pain, cause my PC isn't exactly fast.

Anyway - here it is, "RUST"
I hope you like it!

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