Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to the Blog

Here I am, back to the futu... I mean, the Blog.
For those who wonder whant took me so long to post again...
Well, it's been a busy period (and it still is). Some friends from abroad dropped by for a week, some days away from home, trains from here to there, some mishaps with my poor old PC, cleaning and repairing, exams... Now I'll have to study for the latin exam at the end of the month, and the only thing that keeps me going and fight the laziness is the thought of the possible scholarship. And some mates from school are back in the town before the start of their terms, so I also try to spend more time with them, while they are here. (hey, yo, Delfo - yeah, this one refers to you also... I know you're reading this O_O)

The Bran project is moving on, we do what we can. When we have more time we'll do more.

Some ideas are bumping inside my head and probably the next month I'll begin writing a new story...

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