Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Comics #3 + Animation #11

Michel Vaillant is a French comic book character created in 1957 by Belgian (French-born) cartoonist Jean Graton. He appeared for the first time on the pages of Tintin (presented in Comics #1 on my blog :P)

Michel is espacially dear to me - I used to watch every single episode of the cult animated TV-series, based on the famous French comics. Michel and his team of daring racers use all kind of vehicles - in the episodes you can see cars, F1, motorbikes, jets, monster trucks and so on. Their opponents are the corrupt team Leader. The series were big hit when I was a kid and I really enjoyed the new motion picture, it keeps the spirit and the actors are great - they look just like the animated characters! The movie is highly visual, with beautiful race scenes and some ofthe typical Luc Besson euro-action atmosphere. High speed races, very nice animation, great characters, a lot of fun. I wonder why I can't find it neither on VHS nor on DVD. If you want something similar - go watch Nascar Racers on Jetix, but Michel was far more better. There are also live action TV series from the 60s, but I still haven't seen them.

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