Thursday, November 09, 2006

Animation #12

OK, this is rated for pre-school... so no wonder I love it ^__^

Curious George is one of the most adorable films I've seen in a long time! It's colorful, it's cheerful, it's friendly... Believe me, this animated movie is pure delight! I had so much fun watching it, from the beginning to the very end. The opening scene with George and the rest of the animals in the jungle wins you right away. The moment with the chameleon is brilliant, I laughed for ages! The story is simple, but not silly. The characters are lovable, the animation is good and the backgrounds are very stylish. I was surprised to find that such a cartoonish animation, without great details, is so well colored and it's so believable. The shades, the movements and the colors bring realism to the environment. The voice cast does a great job (Will Farel wearing the yellow hat, Drew Barrimore is a great choice for Maggie, and Frank Welker - he's a real veteran), and so goes for Jack Johnson - his songs add a great deal to the atmoshpere of the movie. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone! Relaxing and full of joy!

And now a TV series are on air! So keep an eye for the monkey on your TV screens.

It's based on famous children books, and so on, but I can't tell you anything that isn't on Wikipedia, so go there and read more ;)

read some curious facts and info about George:

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