Monday, February 08, 2010

Help Save Japan's Dolphins - "The Cove"

I just saw "The Cove" - a documentary that left me shocked and most of all, very sad.

I've seen a dolphin only once in my life - it was many years ago, when I was with my parents at the seaside at Black Sea. The poor creature was playful and friendly but got hit by the spinning fans of a waterbike. I touched the back of the dophin as people were holding it in the water, trying to help. I was too little back then to do anything on my own. Now when I know about this horrible slaughetr of doplins that goes on out there I feel too little to do anything again. But I want to believe that if wea ll work together this we can all put an end to this. Please, don't let this genocide go on!


Spare some time and Take Part.
Read, watch, educate yourself.
Help in whatever way you can - donate, spread the word, or simply sign the petition.

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