Monday, May 29, 2006

Destiny Of Nobody

Since I'm quite busy these days (it's the end of the term and we have some exams and such...) and I haven't got much time to write I decided to post some old stuff. This is a story I wrote in the English classes in high-school, about 4 years ago. The first sentence was given and we had to finish the story or write an essay on this topic. My cool English teacher liked it very much. I hope you like it too.

And BEHOLD!!! Cause the Banana-Mutant stories are comming soon!


It's 2022, it's 7.30 a.m... The alarm clock is ringing. I have to get up.
While washing my face I'm thinking about my life...
Actually I don't really know why I'm still counting the time... To celebrate my birthday? To celebrate with who? With the ship-computer? Don't make me laugh! It's true that I'm talking with him all day long, we are something like friends...indeed. But it's still just a machine, just cabels and nanochips...
It's not 2022, and it's not 7.30 in the morning... I have no morning... I have no sunset... I have no Sun... I have no Earth.
I have only my miserable life trapped in this metal shell, flying through the endless empty space.
I don't know where I am. I don't know WHEN I am...
I have enough fuel for centuries. The humanity have discovered many things...
I have enough food, enough water, enough air... But I have no hope.
How strange life is...
I've passed by many planets... Many stars... I've seen the birth and the death of suns... I've seen even dead ships, sleeping alone in the black. Strange structures, made by unknown creatures, holding secrets, which no human can even, imagine...
But I've seen no humans... No life.
Time will pass.
I will die.
But the ship will still fly.

Someday, somehow, someone will find my ark. He won't find who I am. He won't find where I am from. He won't understand the records in the board diary, nor the things that the computer will talk.
I am nobody. That is my destiny.

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