Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jedi Player

A cool new mp3 player added to the Holocron today! I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks to Mimz for keeping me company on the ICQ till 2 am whil I was trying to adjust the player :)

There are several issues:
- If you don't like the music, or if you do but at the moment you listen to something else - just stop the player when you browse through my blog.
- The same you do if you want to watch some of the videos posted here. Pause the player before you play the clips.
- It slows down your connection, or your connection is too slow and you have to wait for the music to loed and can't listen it properly... or whatever - again, just turn off the player.

All in all, I think it's a good improvement, it looks nice and the tracks in the player are easy-listening, chilling and relaxing tunes. And it doesn't require some kind of fast connection or something. It's like my own little online radio.

Now there are 15 tracks in the playlist (prbably sometimes in the future I'll add more). One of them is "Brethren - Intercepta (corey remix)", Mad Max inspired rap, available on

The rest are OC ReMixes. For those of you who like them and don't know what OC Remix is (it has nothing to do with Orange County) here is some info:

I personally enjoy these remixes very much, they are quite various in style and some of them are really great pieces of music. And they also bring some video game coolness and nostalgioa at the same time :)

The best place for such music on the web is - there you can browse and download tracks by remixer, by game, by console and so on, you can either download them directly or from their torrent tracker, and there is also an online radio :)

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