Monday, June 11, 2007

Batman - The Animated Series [Pilot Episode]

I got this years ago, somewhere on the net on the p2p networks, but I can't really remember where for sure.
This pilot is featured as a bonus on "Batman: The Animated Series" volume 1, part 1 DVD. But the pilot there pilot there has a different sound edit - the DVD says that the original sound was lost from the WB archives and they remastered the pilot with new score and sound effects especially for the DVD. The score is a longer version of the series' intro theme and the sound effects are taken from some episodes and Batman video games. And I think that THIS HERE IS THE ORIGINAL PILOT, LOST FROM THE WARNER BROS ARCHIVES, with the sound from its first release more than 15 years ago! I guess this makes it a real gem for Bat-fans :)

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