Monday, February 04, 2008

Movies #14

"John Rambo" is pretty much the same for the Rambo series what is "Rocky Balboa" for the Rocky series. Incredibly strong return after all these years, Stallone brings back his character in a way that stays true to the original and redeems the series after the not-so-good sequels.

This is one of the best action movies I've ever seen. The camera, the editing, the light, the sound - it makes you feel right there, you might want to clean the blood and the dirt from your face after you leave the cinema. I'd describe the style of "John Rambo" as Mel Gibson's Apocalypto with machine guns.

The movie has simple and realistic plot, which also manages to give a message to the audience. After I saw the movie I spent hours on the net reading about Burma - a country I only knew where to look for on the map. I really had no idea about the situation there. And this movie made me really care.

The conflict of the film might be military and political, but it's also an inner one - a matter of morality and faith. The idealism versus the harsh reality. You won't change a thing on your own, but somebody has to start.

John Rambo started. I hope others will join.

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