Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Web #18

This one is one of my bro's net-finds. When I was his age I had no internet access at home, I had no cable TV, and I was yet to get my new PC... and now this kido gets stuff for granted an has more spare time to waste on the net and geek out. So one day he says "Yo, bro, check this out!" and plays for me some video on YouTube... It was the 1st episode of the IRATE Gamer Show I ever saw and boy I laughed and enjoyed! Some dude playing oldeis on his NES, pulling out one-liners and some visual effects and the result is...


I'm a fan of this guys! Me and my bro stay tuned for the next episode and when it comes out...
"Oh boy, I remember this one..."
"Yeah, a hell of a game it was!"
"My fingers got numb playing this for two weeks in a row..."
"They used to throw on you a shitload of enemies on the 7th level"
"I wanna play it again!"
"Yeah, kick some bad guys..."
"Any idea where's the notebook with the NES passwords?"

Check out that show, if you've ever been into some retro video games (like Tetris, Dr.Mario or Contra) you'll like it for sure :)

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