Friday, May 01, 2009

IMDbigbrother is Watching You!

I was quite unpleasantly surprised when IMDb refused to accept my Star Trek comment and I had to edit and re-edit it several times. First of all they now have a 1000 words limit. And second - you can't use "inappropriate words and phrases" and it doesn't even tell you WHAT is inappropriate! OK, I removed "Spock, you lucky bastard", and it still told me I'm being rude or something. Finally I fugured out that it's because of the "pissed off Romulans"... Like 3 days after the comment was finally published it got deleted. This time you do not get an e-mail notification. You see it yourself if you care to browse through your comment history.

The excuse: none!
Just some general note they post above every deleted comment:

Deleted Comments

This is a list of the comments that you've either deleted yourself, or have been deleted by us (since 2004). This does not include comments which were rejected without ever being published on the site. All comments must comply with the guidelines and the listing here is not an invitation for you to repost a deleted comment again. Please consider why any comments may have been deleted by IMDb and modify them accordingly if you wish to resubmit them to the site.

Please note in some cases, owing system glitches, comments can be accidentally published two or more times. When these duplicates are deleted, they will still show up here so not all comments listed below necessarily break the guidelines. Please check to see whether another copy of the same comment is still live.

Interesting... Seems I'm not teh only one complaining... On the IMDb borads there's a topic:

All BAD REVIEWS of This Movie DELETED? Why? Censorship?

You can follow the topic here:

And my unedited Star Trek review is here:


pair-o-eyes said...

Цензурата е неприятна, когато имаш какво да кажеш и с какво да покрепиш мнението си... Аз коментари там не пускам, но се случва да чета. За други филми също ли има подобна цензура?!

Nenko said...

Ами не знам, но IMDb се е превърнала в авторитетна медия и източник на инфо, всеки масово чете ревюта и гледа рейтинти, а често хората си създават очаквания и предразсъдъци дори, и то преди да са гледали филма... Та аз да не ставам параноик, да вкарвам теории на конспирацията, но хич не бих се изненадал ако студията бутат някакви пари за да се контролира мнението на зрителите и да се прави реклама. Колкото и неетично и неморално да е, ако могат да си платят достатъчно от IMDb едва ли са чак такива идеалисти, че да откажат.