Monday, May 11, 2009

Intro of the Week #18 - Godzilla: The Series

And after this poster of the week...

I just love the music with the Goddzilla sound effect!
The show was a continuation of the 1998 American Godzilla interpretation (later called just Zilla in "Godzilla: Final Wars", to be distinguished from its Japanese cousin) and I find it quite enjoyable. The show starts right after the movie, the little Zilla that hatches from the egg at the very end of the movie grows up and Nick takes care of it and tries to protect it from the military, and as the same time try to help other people around the world, battling against all sorts of mutations and giant monsters.


BiroV said...

Few weeks ago a thought about these animation series came up to my mind and I did my best to find it. It wasn't easy... It's cool, yeah, but just for two-three-four episodes maximum. Then you realize that it has the same plot every time: a new unseen monster terrorizing the society, Godzilla shows up, kicks his ass (or whatever it has) and you wait for the next episode. Now the series are somewhere in my hard drive, waiting for a time that I'll be completely bored and look at them.

Nenko said...

I agree, it gets a bit repetative, so I wouldn't watch all the episdes in a row, but still a couple of them a week is OK :)