Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poster of the Week #7

After teh Land and the People that Time Forgot, I bring you back "One Million Years BC", the 1966 Hammer remake of a 1940 adventure movie.
Starring Raquel Welch...

... Cavegirls will never be the same!


Bla said...

Ракел е ултимативната пичка, а филмът е огромен.

Nenko said...

Абсолютно съгласен :)

Един DVD-R = 6 филмчета по 700 MB
Последната ми компилацийка е тематична:

One Million Years BC (1940)
One Million Years BC (1966)
Slave Girls (aka Prehistoric Women)
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Creatures The World Forgot
The Valley of Gwangi (aka Cowboys and Dinosaurs)

Динозаврите газят!

Bla said...

Така е. Евалата, брат! :)