Monday, January 16, 2006

Animation #1

There goes my new rubric :)
Here I'm going to intoduce to you some animation series, features, studios, animators and so on.

Zdenek Miler
Here is one great animator, especially dear to my heart. I love his work. They call him THe European Disney. He's born on 21 February - jast like me, only 65 years earlier, 1921. :)
I was very little when my parents gave me two books about Krtek (The Mole). At that time there was no such things as internet, and I was still living in my little world. I had no idea that Krtek is so famous. Krtek is the sweetest character ever, no wonder he's so popular!
Go find more about Krtek on the net:
keywords: krtek, zdenek miller, krot, the mole, czech animation

And here is one real Krtek! So cute!

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