Sunday, January 22, 2006

Music #2

We continue with a song from Ash - you can find the music video as a bonus to LucasArts' Republic Commando.

Now you're a clone,
With heart of stone,
Synthetic soul,
Brainwashed and cold.
You're just a clone,
Got no control,
Forced in a mold,
Processed and sold.

Hey, you know I find it frightening,
How you change just as fast as lightning.
You fell from grace,
Leaving no trace,
You've been replaced,
Your name erased.

Hey, it's your self-destruction,
You never listened to my instruction.
Shame, shame, shame, shame.
Shame, that everyone's the same.
I thought you stood alone,
Different from the clones.

You were a flash of light,
A meteorite,
Unique in time,
Now out of sight.
For I have seen,
What could've been,
I've had a dream,
A prophecy.

Hey, now there's no use waiting,
Everything is disintegrating.
Shame, that everyone's the same.
I thought you stood alone.
We're different from the clones.
I thought you were the true,
Exception to the rules.
But the truth is cruel.

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