Saturday, January 28, 2006

Animation #4

Today's issue is about a French animation studio that produced some of my favourite series, like "Jim Button", "What's with Andy?", "Wunschpunsch" and some more. Those of us who are fortunate to have European Fox Kids, current Jetix have seen them. Also "Diabolik" (I'll probably introduce you this character in the Comic rubric someday), "Walter Melon", "Adventures of the Little Mermaid"... and some shows I haven't seen, but the certainly look great (like "Space Strikers"). Currently they're working on "" (I hate this one) and "A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines" (which has pretty cool and colorful animation, but it's part of the Hasbro's Action Man franchise, which means - the show's plot is flat and the whole thing is a 20 minute toy commercial). Most of the shows have been aired especially in Europe, so they're not so popular in Canada and USA (I guess that's why it's pretty hard to find them released on VHS or DVD, and there is nearly zero chance to find any rips on the net)

The studio is called SIP Animation - visit their site.


Anonymous said...

What can I say...

A year (or so) ago I managed to find some Portugeese TVrip of ATOM which was quite bad since it had some regions missing.

Then I finally found Russian TVrips of high quality.

I downloaded Youtube clips, extracted sound and started redubbing all the episodes into English.

I was stupid enough not to back up and then the system crashed and I lost all 26 Russian episodes and some 12 episodes I finished.

Now, there's no trace of the episodes online...

What a waste! :(

Nenko said...

Indeed :(
So much efforts and...
Still, you might try and request in their Forums and let's hope that someone will share.