Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It always seems impossible until it's done

Again we had some topics to choose from and write an essay for some class we have at the Uni. Probably all the topics are quotes by some famous guys. We used to do something similar back in high school (Hey yo, miss Grudeva!). Well, this is the topic I chose, and this is the essay I wrote...

It always seems impossible until it's done

Sunday afternoon. It seems impossible for me to write an essay on such a topic right now, and yet at the end, after some 215 more words it will be done.

Writing an essay is a process. First of all you should have at least a vague idea what you are going to write about, then plan what arguments and examples you are going to use, and then using your more or less (un)limited vocabulary and grammar skills you compose a text which hopefully will be good enough to please the teacher who has asked you to do the whole thing, putting you through so much misery.

If you go back to the beginning of this 5-line sentence (I’m referring to the second sentence from the second paragraph) you’ll remember that first of all you need at least a vague idea. Since I have no idea at all (let alone a vague one) even after I spent a considerable amount of time on trying to suck some idea out of my fingers, writing this essay seems quite impossible. But for the sake of having homework here I am, pouring down my stream of consciousness, which will no doubt give many readers a hemorrhage (I checked this one in the dictionary) in the brain, nausea or at least a horrible headache which will last for approximately tree weeks.

But fear not, the essay is almost over, for I have clicked “Word Count” from the Tools Menu and fortunately it seems that my task is almost completed. The word count is increasing more and more as I type!! Fascinating, isn’t it?

So here it is - what seemed to be impossible is now done! My essay is complete!


Samantha Hristova said...

Metodi showed me this...if I were your teacher I'd be slightly tempted to pass you for creativity. BUT if your teacher knows you, she would probably smack you with a book instead. :P

Nenko said...

I'd throw the book right back at her, literally :)

You should see what I gave her last week at the end of the class when she asked us to write about Hemingway ;)