Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top 3 video games I want to see on a big screen

OK, so I did top 3 about comic books, now it's time for the video games. The rules - the games shouldn't have any adaptation on screen - no cartoons, no movies, no nothing. And the games should not be based on comics or something else, cause otherwise they should be in the other Top 3 (like "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs"). And I have to tell you that I can't really rate teh games and these number 1,2 and 3 are JUST numbers, I can't say which one I like better and which is the best for me...

3. Syberia

Benoit Sokal's "Syberia" is an interactive movie by itself, with complex characters, a lovely visual style and soundtrack that adds a great deal to the unique atmosphere of the game.

2. Full Throttle

Back in the good old days Lucas Arts did some really amazing not-Star-Wars-related stuff, most of them adventure games based on the SCUMM engine. And they surely have plenty of stuff I wanna see like animated movies or motion pictures, they've got Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, Zak McKracken, Monkey Island... But they are more cartoonish and I think that they'll be appreciated mostly by the fans. And "Full Throttle" is something that really ROCKS, literally! The beautiful animation, biker gangs in a postapocalyptic future, born-to-be-wild storyline about freedom, brotherhood, honor and justice and the superb heavy sound of The Gone Jackals who did the songs for the game...

Some time ago I even downloaded a Full Throttle movie, edited from the cut scenes of the game and some gameplay footage! You can still get it from here I think - http://www.gamershell.com/news_27175.html


Alien bastards come to Earth, steal our chicks and do some more nasty things, and the most kick-ass game character ever is the one to make them sorry for messing with our planet and quote some B-movie one-liners! A huge variety of huge guns, plenty of ugly mutants, monsters, aliens and plenty of other things to shoot at, blow up, kick, blast, destroy, anihilate, shrink and step on, half-naked chicks, naked chicks... This game is just BITCHIN' GREAT!!

And after "Duke Nukem: The Movie" it will be "Serious Sam: The Movie", starring The Rock as Sam "Serious" Stone, and then we'll do a crossover and we'll have "Duke Nukem & Serious Sam" with cameo appearance the guy from "Doom", Freeman from "Half Life", Lara Croft and the guy from Castle Wolfenstein... Hell yeah!


KodakYarr said...

Haha, love it. Brilliant. That's all I can say.

Stumbled across this post while image googling for Full Throttle, and I don't think I could agree more on your angle's and ideas. :)

Let's hope they get made, eh? Personally I'm not counting on it, but of course I hope so. If they are made however, there is a quite large risk that they will be made very poorly, sadly. :\

Now, if they were to be directed or otherwise produced by the original authors, I'm fairly sure they could become a set of masterpieces!

Nenko said...

Thank you :)

Yes, unfortunately they mess up most of the video game based movies these days. I won't even mention Uwe Boll. But take a loot at Max Payne for example - I have no idea how could they ruin this one! The games had a deep and interesting story, perfect noir atmosphere, masterfully animated comic book style cut scenes... Damn, the game is more of a movie than the movie itself! I have no idea why they didn't stick to the story of the games, why instead of Max Payne's sick nightmares they decided to CGI some bird creatures to represent the junkies' hallucinations, let alone why the hell did they pick Ludacris to play old timer Police Inspector Jim Bravura...

Anyway, if the creators of these games are behind the movie versions I am sure that they will rock!

My dream is to direct movies and I imagine from time to time what would I do if I sit behind the camera on one of these titles... As a fan I would work closely with the creators and stick to their vision.