Tuesday, December 16, 2008

John Williams Concert @ The Cinemagic Film Fest in Plock, Poland

During my last month in Poland I had a terrific time. Actually I had a terrific time all the time, and I have a lot off stuff to tell AND show... It's been months since then, but I have like 5 GB of photos from all the places (and all the parties) I've been to.

OK, I have to start from somewhere, and this is a good start :)

21.06.2008 - Just one week before I went back to Bulgaria. I was a bit disappointed, cause I couldn't visit the Zoo in Poznan. Ania and Ania (Maniek) decided to cheer me up and took me to Plock, where they have a really great Zoo. Not something huge, but really a cosy one and... Geez, instead of telling you about it I should just post some of the photos I made there. But that's another story :)

On our way back from the Zoo we decided to take a walk around the town and check out the sightseeings. Suddenly I hear a familiar tune... Is it possible?! As the zoo and the company of my friends itself wasn't enough, combined with the pleasant trip and the sunny weather I felt just wonderful and now...The JURASSIC PARK THEME is playing somewhere down the street!!

Imagine how happy I was when we found out that there's a FILM FESTIVAL going on in Plock - CINEMAGIC, and just today there's a CONCERT of FILM MUSIC by non other than the great JOHN WILLIAMS!!! I could hardly believe it, it was just too good to be true! Damn, even now I can hardly believe it :) One of the best days ever!

They were about to play music from "Star Wars", "Jurassic Park" and "Harry Potter". I was like "Thank you, God! THANK YOOOU!!!"

The symphonic orchestra were doing some rehearsals:

We had a long walk around the picturesque town, we ate some pizza, made some more photos... and came back for the concert!!

Thank you Anias, you are the best!! :)

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