Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Holocron :)

The fisrt post I ever made in my humble Holocton was on 4 January 2006. I wanted to post something like an insight, but I had no time to do it on the exact date so I'll just do it now. First of all - thanks to those who read and thanks to those who comment :) It's really nice to know that there are people out there interested in the same geeky stuff I care about! Hehe, I've got 3 followers for the 3rd year Birthday :P

And now - to celebrate 3 years of Holocroning - I announce some new rubrics I plan to start :)

- Intro of the Week
- Short of the Week

- Poster of the Week

So stay Tuned...

And several short explanation notes :)


Some people ask me What is this Holocron?
Well, guys, it's this:

Why Holocron?
Well, isn't it obvious? It's an ancient device which contains "
stored phenomenal quantities of data" - and here's the place where I store my data about cool stuff :)

Why Young_Jedi's
Young_Jedi is my nickname ever since 2002 when I joined #star_wars on the Bulgarian IRC servers. I was know as Young_Jedi among my Star Wars buddies way before they knew my real name :)

What's with the address?!
OK, I admit it, it's kinda weird and probably hard to remember - nsg1138. But when I started the blog youngjedi and some others I like were already taken (and it's still taken, and what's worse - the guy doesnt even post there, just registered it and has exactly 0 posts!). So trying to come up with something that's not already taken I got nsg1138 - a combination of the first letters of my names and the cult number 1138

What's so cult about the number 1138??
It's taken from THX-1138 - George Lucas' sci-fi masterpiece about a cold futuristic society where people don't have names, but numbers and... well you should WATCH IT!!
For me the number is a symbol - it's a personal rebellion, it's "get-outside-the-box", "rage-against-the-machine", "f**k-the-system"... You got the picture.
The number is referenced all over... And I even plan to start a 1138 rubric, with my collection of 1138 refferences I've found ;)

Check this out:

So, I hope you've been enjoying the Holocron for the past 3 year and I hope you'll stay on board :) May the Force be with You!


pair-o-eyes said...

Ahhh, finally some real answers :]
Хайде за още толкова години и още повече филми в holocron-a!

mimz said...

ЧРД на holocron-a и за много години. :)