Friday, January 30, 2009

Radiation Raiders - Teaser Trailer #1

Radiation Raiders

My own home-made postapocalyptic action adventure :)
Starring me, my bro, my cousin and my cousin's cousin

We shot this some years ago in the garage of our grandparents. No budget, no experience, just pure enthusiasm and passion for movies :)

And now I decided to edit it with some public domain stock footage and music - just for the fun of it! I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

The official release date is yet to be announced :P


Another Postapocalyptic Video by me - "RUST"

Another Trailer by me - This summer Tomatoes eat You!


pair-o-eyes said...

Хаха сууууупер яко! Кадрите много се връзват, а и добра музичка си подбрал. Чакаме екшъня! :))

boobi1 said...

може и мойте кадри да вкараш :)

Bla said...

култ :)