Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This Summer Tomatoes EAT YOU!

This is a horror trailer spoof I made at the TV station where I work, using some footage from news reports and some photos from the net. The music I used is from the "Empire Strikes Back" soundtrack by John Williams.
So this is like my own little "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", but I just couldn't resist after I edited that news report about this giant tomato baloon as an act of protest against DNA-altered mutant vegetables :)
I hope you enjoy this!


Mimz said...

ХАхаххахахаххахаххах, това ме уби, супер е. Домата е много готин. :D

Young_Jedi said...

Беше на Главната в понеделник :)

Bla said...

Man, това си е направо "Grindhouse"-трейлър! :) It's fuckin' hilarious!