Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thunderbirds and Me

TSgt Justin Pyle, Aerial Photojournalist, signs my Thunderbirds Poster

with Kristi Machado, Aerial Photographer, who looks like an Aerial Photo Model

with TSgt Rob Thompson, NCOIC, Communications

with Lt Col Kevin J. Robbins, Commander/Leader, Thunderbird #1

with Maj Scott Poteet, Slot, Thunderbird #4

with SSgt Michael Patterson, Asst Crew Chief #7

And if you think that there are sexy pilot babes only in "Top Gun" this one will prove you wrong ;)
with Maj Nicole Malachowski, Right Wing, Thunderbird #3

with SSgt Gavin Douglas , Asst Crew Chief #2

with Maj Chris Austin, Left Wing, Thunderbird #2

with SSgt Dan Hampton, Asst Crew Chief #6

with Maj Rob Skelton, Operations Officer, Thunderbird #7

with Maj Samantha Weeks, Opposing Solo, Thunderbird #6
we had a little chat and I told her that this is my second Thunderbirds Air Show - I've seen their first demonstrations in Krumovo when they visited Bulgaria more than a decade ago.

with Maj. Ed Casey, Lead Solo, Thunderbird #5
"Hey, why's your number upside-down?"
"I'm the one who flies upside down :)"

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