Saturday, November 01, 2008

Animation #19 + Comics #4

First promo trailer for the upcoming Rahan animated series (expected in 2009) by Xilam in vidéo!!

Don't know who Rahan is? Check out my previous entry about Rahan

I'ma big fan of the Rahan comics and I grew up with the old cartoon show. The animation here is cool, but I don't think that I like the comic sidekick and Rahan's cocky attitude. In the old cartoon he was a lonesome wonderer and even the last episode when he finally found love ended with him being alone again. Anyway I can't wait to see this new updated version of one of my favourite characters!

Here is some info from the English version of

Created by Roger Lecureux and Andre Cheret, Rahan is a comics caractere published in Pif Gadget Magazin for the first time, about 1969.

Rahan is a hero of more 180 stories, short (11 pages) or great (about 40 pages) all stories is now in 24 books (only in french version for the moment) more 3500 pages in total.

And now just to compare with the 80s series, here is the old opening with the Rahan theme song:

You can watch the first episode (in French) on YouTube:
part 1
part 2
part 3

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Thiago Avelar said...

Rahah is amazing cartoon. I watch here in Brazil when i was a child. Very educative.