Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Looks like somebody's not so TEEN anymore!
2009 our beloved antropomorphic comic book heroes turn 25 ;)

Peter Laird and Mirage Studios are cooking up some serious celebration and looks like the fans are going to have a shell of a time! And until then - nothing better to do but sit back and enjoy the seventh season of the new animated series. In season 6, "Fast Forward", the turtles were a real blast from the past as they found themselves in 2105, and now they're finally "Back to the Sewres".

Check out the new annyversary website:

some more Links:
Official Website


Official TMNT Wiki for the new animated series... I still call them "new", no matter they launched in 2003, but after all I grew up on the 1987 classic cartoon.

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