Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top 3 Comics I want to see on big screen!

A lot of comic books and graphic novels are brought to big screen these days. And here's my Top 3 of what I wanna see!! (this could have been at least Top 5 if I had more time...)

It's like Indiana Jones + James Bond + Charlie's Angels. If you like any of these 3 you're gonnalike Danger Girl. If you like all 3 - you're gonna love Danger Girl! As Duke Nukem would say: "Babes, bullets, bombs... Man, I love this comic book!"

2. Blacksad
Antropomorphic noir detective story, sleek and sexy!! I want it animated, handdrawn!

1. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs / Xenozoic Tales
Mark Shultz's classic have spawned so far two video games and 13 animated episodes back in 1993. It's Jurassic Park meets Mad Max meets Water World. It's been some 15 years since the saturday morniong cartoon, so it's high time for somebody to dust off these series! And I wish this someone's me (damn, I was born to shoot this! :) )

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